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Celect, Celect Plus ECMs

Options of Fully Re-Manufactured, Used (GRTO) and Non-Functional Cores.

Cummins Celect Plus ECM
Re-manufactured Cummins Celect and Celect Plus ECMs 
$1175 with a rebuildable exchange.
  • Part Numbers: 3084473, 3618046, 3619037, 3090528, 3096662, 3408300, 3408303
  • In Stock! Yes, we have them ready to ship today!* (Place orders by 2pm, CST Mon-Fri)
  • For engines: N-14, M-11 and L-10.
  • Fully calibrated to your specific CPL, featured and parameters. And done for FREE.
  • Also may be known as a TCM or PCM, but ECM is the proper term.
  • Fully re-manufactured right in our Westcliffe, CO facility to the highest standards in the industry! Don't settle for a cut rate product or out-sourced cheapest bidder work. We provide the best!
  • Our ECMs are not just "fixed to work", but fully re-manufactured to like new performance and reliability.
  • All ECMs are tested on a live, running truck AND custom built technician stations to ensure proper functioning before shipment.
  • We sandblast and powder-coat the ECM cases. This provides excellent protection from the elements, and looks sharp too!
  • Our Reman ECMs carry a 1 year unlimited mileage warranty. Warranty Details here.
  • $400 core deposit required. Refunded once we get a re-buildable core back. Details.
    • Send us your ECM, and we will test it for FREE. We may be able to pull the calibration specs off of it and avoid the core deposit!
  • Contact Us for more information. (320) 275-9760

Related Products:

Celect/Celect Plus wiring harness o-ring kits. 3 pack for $5
  • Make sure you are using o-rings in good condition to keep contaminates out of your ECM and harness. We make it easy to find this hard to find size. 
  • Material: Nitrile Rubber (NBR).
  • Ship free with your ECM purchase.
Stainless Steel anti-theft ECM Bolts. 6 bolts and  bit driver for $30
  • Don't re-install those old corroded bolts to hold your ECM on. Using mild steel bolts into the aluminum fuel cooling plate is asking for issues, as we all know. 
  • We have sourced STAINLESS STEEL replacement bolts that use an un-common high torque button head pattern that not only provides a better stainless steel fastener, but greatly increases your ECM security, and help avoid ECM theft at the same time. 
  • Ship free with your ECM purchase.
Cummins Celect ECM
Used (GRTO) Cummins Celect and Celect Plus ECMs
$600 with a rebuildable exchange.
    • Part Numbers: 3084473, 3619037, 3618046, 3090528, 3096662, 3408300, 3408303
    • For Engines: N-14, M-11 and L-10.
    • Used ECMs, we get these from truck dis-mantlers, etc.
    • Tested to be fully functional.
    • NO GUARANTEE OF STOCK. We do however, always have REMAN ECMs. 
    • Same $400 core deposit policy as the REMAN units.
    • FREE Calibration to your Engine/Truck specs.
    • Warrantied against DOA ONLY (We give you a 24hr warranty). Same warranty terms (except duration) as the REMAN units.
    • We recommend REMAN ECMs, but offer these as a low cost option when available.
    • Stock image, your ECM may appear different.
Please call for current availability.

Celect Plus ECM
Non-Functional, Non-Rebuildable Cores
    • Non-Rebuildable per our company specs. May be acceptable to Cummins or others as a core.
    • Cases may not be perfect. May have chips/cracks in the cases.
    • Both circuit boards included and secured in the case.
    • Faults range from water damage to burns/shorts in the circuitry. No choice of fault.
    • No choice of part number or Celect or Celect Plus boards, but you can call and see what we have ready.
    • No guarantee of condition or acceptance as a core. Sold AS IS.
    • Returns Accepted with 20% re-stocking fee. Shipping non-refundable. Cases must be un-opened, and no damage caused by shipping or the buyer. Must return within 10 business days.
    • Photo is stock image.

DSO Industrial specializes in Cummins Celect and Celect Plus ECM s. If you need a new ECM after getting an unfixable trouble code, we have several options available.

Before you decide you need a new ECM device, go through the troubleshooting steps and find out if it is possible to repair your truck, rather than replace the ECM. Our technicians can help you out when you need advice during this process. We also offer free ECM testing if you need help diagnosing a problem. Our policy helps you get the right solution the first time rather than purchasing a Cummins ECM when your truck is what needed repairs.

Our remanufactured Celect and Celect Plus ECM s are produced with the highest standard of excellence in the industry. When you buy rebuilt parts from other companies, you will not get the same level of craftsmanship. We offer warranties on these products and we might be able to give you a credit when you send us a rebuildable core for your ECM. All Cummins Celect ECM s are tested on live trucks in our shop and are guaranteed to work. They are not just repaired; they are rebuilt like new, free of the defects and quality checked on our test trucks.

You can order an ECM from DSO Industrial and expect same-day shipping when placing an order before 2 PM CST. Our products are stocked and ready for shipping when you log your order. We understand that you are operating on a tight schedule and keep our shipping and delivery schedules tight. Our commitment to our customers is unparalleled in the industry. Ask about our free calibration for your CPL when you order a Cummins Celect or Celect Plus ECM. We also sell security kits for these models at very low prices.

Our used Cummins Celect and Celect Plus ECM s are sold at a great value to our customers. While they do not come remanufactured by DSO Industrial specialists, each used model is tested to be sure it is in working condition. We occasionally receive serviceable parts from truck dismantlers and are happy to pass them on to customers on a tight budget when in stock. They will not come with the warranty we offer for remanufactured units. If a device arrives DOA, we will replace it or refund your money. Please notify us within 24 hours if there is a problem with a used part.

Other options include non-rebuildable Celect ECM cores. These non-rebuildable items will range greatly in condition and type of fault. Unfortunately, we cannot provide information on the types of faults existing in each part. All non-rebuildable cores are sold AS IS and may be acceptable for Cummins cores. Water damage might be present, as well as extensive circuit board damage. Cases may be damaged. Circuit boards are secured to the case. Each core will have a defect that is unspecified, as these items are sold for as non-fixable cores.

Our Cummins Celect remanufactured products represent top-quality craftsmanship and are highly recommended to replace your faulty ECM. Take advantage of our fast shipping and no-risk purchase process today.

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