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ECM Testing and Repair

At DSO Industrial , we will test your Celect & Celect Plus ECM free of charge. Simply send us the ECM and we will diagnose the problem. We can find things your local truck shop or even a Cummins dealer won’t be able to find. The DSO testing method can spot:
  • Damage caused by your truck. Are you driving a truck that is destroying your ECM? We can tell you if it is the ECM or the truck’s fault.
  • Problems occurring in extreme temperatures. Is you ECM acting up only in high heats or freezing temperatures? We can provide answers.
  • Problems with engine knocking/missing and injector chip malfunctions.
  • Issues with ECM truck internal communication.
  • Problems caused by a faulty memory module.
  • Failing processors.
  • The need for ECM repair due to age
  • Problems with the sensors
  • All other problems. Our ECM testing and repair service is not complete until we try your system in our test trucks. Our expertise in the texting and repair of ECM systems is unmatched.

Before sending us your system, please include the completed ECM test form  available here It can be emailed or faxed, depending on your preference. Please include as many details as possible so we can get a feel for the problem. Any bit of information can help our ECM repair specialists a great deal.
ECM Testing

Send ECM with Filled-Out Form Filled To:
DSO Industrial, LLC
201 Rangeview Loop
Westcliffe, CO 81252

Truck, DSO Industrial in Dassel, MN

Please fill out the form completely when sending us your ECM module. We recommend using insured service by UPS to make sure your package is not lost.

About Our Testing Service

ECM testing by DSO Industrial is free of charge. We also provide FREE RETURN GROUND SHIPPING in the Continental U.S. You will not find a better deal anywhere when you need your ECM system’s problems diagnosed quickly.

Note: For security purposes, we ask that you do not send any payment when sending your ECM for a test.

Sending us your ECM does not mandate that we will start repairing the module. After we have your ECM testing results, we will contact you before further action is taken. In many cases, we will find your ECM to be in fine working order and suggest another root to the problem. We save everyone time and money by testing the ECM free of charge; therefore, we can avoid the return process and save our customers any hassles in the long run.

Every ECM system is different, but DSO Industrial has experiencing fixing all types of problems in Celect and Celect Plus ECMs . When we offer free testing, we truly mean free. Customers do not pay for return shipping or the entire diagnostic process. In some cases, we may find your ECM is working fine and not in need of repair - That is the DSO Industrial difference. Our commitment to customer service is unmatched and we back up our repairs with a real guarantee.

Our family owned business has been providing legendary service for many years and we want to continue making our customers happy. If you think there is a problem with your ECM, fill out the form and send it in with your ECM today.

DSO Industrial at (320) 275-9760 in Dassel, Minnesota.

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