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Celect and Celect Plus ECM warranty information:

Warranty will include that the ECM is in operational order for 1 year from order ship date (except for GRTO ECMs that have a 5 day warranty from when the customer receives the ECM). ECMs that may need warranty work must be returned to DSO Industrial, LLC (Westcliffe, CO location) to be tested. DSO Industrial, LLC will, at its sole discretion, repair faulty ECMs. In the event of product replacement, warranty shall be limited in duration to the remaining warranty period of the original purchase. Warranty will only cover ECMs under normal use, not covering abuse, damage from faulty truck wiring/components, damage from external conditions (for example: faulty truck wiring, faulty truck components, welding on truck, lightning, supply voltage spikes, batteries installed backwards, collision, flood, etc) or acts of God. Warranty does not cover labor, towing, or damage(s) resulting from ECM failure. DSO Industrial LLC's warranty/liability shall be limited to the repair of the ECM, and to the approved replacement/repair of faulty ECM as described. CHECK YOUR TRUCK'S WIRING BEFORE YOU INSTALL!!!! FAULTY TRUCK WIRING/COMPONENTS WILL BURN ECM CIRCUIT BOARDS!!

WARNING:A known backwards compatibility issue exists with Cummins Inline 7 and some versions of Cummins Insite. Some combinations are know to damage Celect and Celect Plus ECMs. This type of damage is NOT covered under warranty, and a fee will be charged for the repair. All re-calibrating and parameter changes should be done by DSO Industrial to avoid this possibility, but even mere communication with the ECM by the previously mentioned Cummins hardware/software can make your ECM inoperable. Please read here for some more information.

If you do not agree with warranty terms, please call us to arrange return of your ECM. Purchase of ECM signifies acceptance of these terms. Removal or tampering of security sticker(s) voids warranty. DSO Industrial, LLC reserves the right to cancel any and all warranties if a customer has past due balances.

Reman warranty shipping:International, Alaska/Hawaii or otherwise outside the lower 48 US contiguous states, shipping is NOT included in the warranty. Except for international and/or outside the lower 48 US States, return shipping on ECM(s) repaired under our standard 1 year warranty will be matched by the incoming speed unless the customer pays the difference for expedited return shipping.  Notes:

  • We do NOT cover incoming shipping under any circumstances.
  • We only ship via UPS. If you send in via FedEx Ground for example, we return via UPS Ground.
  • ECMs sent in for warranty repair that check out functional and/or not repaired under warranty do not receive free return shipping of any kind.

This policy is to avoid an increase in ECM sale prices as shipping rates continue to rise.

Celect and Celect Plus ECM extended repair warranty information:

This extended repair warranty is available for purchase AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE of a re-manufactured Celect or Celect Plus ECM from DSO Industrial, LLC. Warranty will include repair and return of said purchased ECM(s) for a period of 1 calendar year from end of original warranty provided by DSO Industrial, LLC. ECMs that may need repair under this extended warranty MUST be returned to DSO Industrial, LLC (Westcliffe, CO location) to be tested. DSO Industrial, LLC will, at our discretion, repair and return the ECM. Warranty does not cover any damage from external conditions, labor, towing, or other damage(s) resulting from ECM failure, or any other excluded conditions as described in the original warranty. 

Important information about the extended repair warranty:

  • Extended repair warranty is not transferable. 
  • Extended repair warranty does not include shipping of any kind.
  • Extended repair warranty is not refundable,  except when the REMAN is returned within our normal return policy.
  • Extended repair warranty is void/cancelled in any and all cases where the original warranty is void/cancelled.
  • Extended repair warranty is for repair ONLY, and a replacement ECM will NOT be provided under any circumstances.
  • Extended repair warranty does not cover labor, towing, or damage(s) resulting from ECM failure.
  • Extended repair warranty only includes repair of individual circuits as required.
  • Extended repair warranty does not include cosmetic issues and/or case damage.

ECM Returns Policy:

All ECMs that are returned for refund must NOT be damaged in any way by conditions not covered under normal warranty. All returns are at the sole approval of DSO Industrial, LLC. Shipping is non-refundable. All refunds will be via the same purchasing method (example: credit card orders will be refunded to the purchasing card account), NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Return policies for specific products are as follows:

  • Celect and Celect Plus Remanufactured ECMs: Returns accepted within 10 days of sale date with no re-stocking fees. ECM cannot be damaged in any way by conditions not covered under normal warranty. After 10 days, a restocking and/or pro-rate fee applies, starting at 20% of purchase price. Removal or tampering of warranty security sticker(s) voids return policy.

  • INDUSTRIAL CALIBRATION ORDERS: Any Celect or Celect Plus ECM that has been calibrated with an industrial calibration will be charged the re-stocking fee REGARDLESS of when it is returned. This is due to once an ECM is calibrated with an industrial calibration, the ECM must be rebuilt again to accept a standard truck calibration.

  • Celect and Celect Plus GRTO (used) ECMs: No returns accepted, except in the case where a GRTO fails inside the 5 day warranty period and another GRTO is not available as a replacement, which is at the sole discretion of DSO Industrial, LLC.
  • Celect and Celect Plus non-functional cores: Returns not accepted, as these are non-functional ECMs.

Wiring harness O-rings and security hardware kits and any other parts or accessories are NOT returnable.


We ship via UPS. We do NOT accept customer UPS shipper numbers for shipments. Due to credit card rules, signature upon delivery is REQUIRED on all shipments, no exceptions. Any shipments that are not UPS-able and require LTL freight must be paid for and organized by the customer. 

International Orders:

Shipping is NOT included with international warranty. Customer is responsible for any and all duties, taxes, brokerage and any other fees for all shipments on both outgoing AND incoming shipments. We reserve the right to refuse orders from international customers for ANY reason. We reserve the right to require bank wire transfer as payment for ANY reason.

Core Deposit info for Remanufactured Celect, Celect Plus ECMs:

A $600 core deposit is required at time of purchase, unless an acceptable core is received and checked/inspected prior to the sale. Cores must be rebuildable per DSO Industrial, LLC company standards for refund. Non-rebuildable cores will be returned upon request by the customer (return shipping cost is the responsibility of the customer). Core status does NOT affect warranty of any products. Core refunds will be processes by the same purchasing method (credit card orders will be refunded to that credit card, etc), NO EXCEPTIONS. We reserve the right to withhold up to the entire core refund on delinquent accounts. Purchasing of products signifies acceptance of these terms.

Wrong part number core returned/ordered: If you send back a different part number of Celect or Celect Plus ECM for a core that does not match what you ordered, we reserve the right to charge a  $200 fee for the wrong part number deducted from applicable core credits. This will be done WITHOUT warning: we will not call you to inform you of this. We have been having increasing issues with customers ordering "rare" part number ECMs and returning common part number cores, so this policy is now in effect. These "rare" part number cores cost us more on the open market to purchase, so this policy is to make up that difference. There is no "better" ECM part number than the part number your engine needs. Some part numbers simply support different calibrations than others. 

*There are cross-compatibility options (primarily for Celect Plus) where different ECM part numbers can be used (with proper calibration), call us with questions.


We require payment before shipment, unless other arrangements have been made with management. We accept Visa, Discover,  or bank wire transfer. If you would like to send a check, your shipment will be on hold until the check clears. We do NOT accept American Express due to their policy of high transaction fees.

NET 30 Accounts:

  • Net 30 accounts will be established under invitation by DSO Industrial management for established customers only. All monthly statement payments are due by the 10th of the following calendar month. 

Any ECMs that arrive at our facility that have a balance owed by the customer will NOT be returned until that balance is resolved. This policy includes ECMs sold by our affiliates and re-sellers where we have been notified of the delinquent account.