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Say again? Cummins dropped availability and is damaging Celect ECMs? Really?

The short answer is yes. As you may or may not know, Cummins has discontinued OEM availability of the Celect series ECM. That means ECM part numbers 3084473, 3618046 and 3619037 may be NO LONGER AVAILABLE through Cummins, and it is now up to us, the aftermarket, to supply ECMs and possibly all future programming to all 4 corners of the world.

Since Cummins has discontinued these ECMs, when they make updates to their Inline adapter (a module that allows a laptop computer with Cummins Insite software to communicate with the Celect engine ECM) and the Insite software program, they may no longer worry about making the updates compatible with these older, but yet very reliable and efficient systems. As a result, when you attempt to communicate with an older Celect ECM (and reports of issues exist with Celect Plus as well), the combination of the latest Inline adapters (version 7 and newer) and some versions of Insite software actually lock up these ECMs, requiring a rebuild to make the ECM operational again. Basically, mere communication with the wrong combination of Cummins Inline adapter and/or Insite software will kill your ECM. As far as we know from reports we have received, Cummins may not even be able to re-calibrate ECMs for the Celect system. The situation is not un-like a similar situation with CAT, who dropped support for some CAT ECMs, and the official response was to junk the truck over a mere ECM. Unacceptable if you as us.

BOTTOM LINE: If you or your mechanic is using the latest and greatest from Cummins , and try to communicate with your Celect engine, they will likely damage the ECM. DO NOT USE INLINE 7 (or newer) on these systems from here on out!!!!

Before the conspiracy theories start as to this damage being intentional, it simply isn't true. The Celect is an older platform, and old technology. Eventually, new technology takes over. This is why you cannot shove a CD into your old 8 track player. The most likely reasons why Cummins discontinued this revenue stream are they were having serious quality issues coming out of their Mexican re-manufacturing facility, and re-buildable core availability. Also, they have to quit support for Celect eventually. We have not heard any reports of Cummins discontinuing other parts for these engines, such as re-manufactured injectors, which leads us to believe they just had to bow out of the Celect ECM rebuilding business. So fear not, and keep using your tried and trusted N14! 

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: This is a VERY fluid situation. We have no idea if Cummins is officially aware and/or working on a fix for this issue. Cummins may attempt to fix this, ignore it completely, or potentially make it worse with later diagnostic software/hardware versions. As of 6/6/2017, we understand to the best of our knowledge that you must have the latest version and software patches of Insite and use Inline Adapter 6 (or older) for communicating. All calibrations/parameter changes should be done by DSO Industrial. Even just trying to look at the features and parameters can lock up the ECM. Please know that damage to your ECM by Cummins' software is not covered under our warranty, so do take heed of this information.

What this all means is that Cummins basically forced a higher quality, less costly, American alternative for your Celect ECM needs: DSO Industrial! Feel free to call us if you have any questions, and please remember we are in stock, ready to ship for your Celect and Celect Plus ECM needs!

Everybody who owns or works on the Cummins Celect and Celect Plus platform needs to read this page!!

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