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Q: Do you ship to internationally?

A: Yes, all the time! We regularly ship to Canada, but will ship to most countries. We reserve the right to refuse shipment to certain countries. Insurance is provided, but certain countries are limited to the value we can declare. Payment MUST be in the form of a bank wire transfer (except Canadian orders), no exceptions. We ship UPS to the USA and Canada. We can ship UPS or US Mail worldwide. US mail is typically a lot cheaper, but takes longer and has limited insurance.

Q: How much power and torque can I get for my engine?

A: For Celect and Celect Plus, this PDF may help you out. Please know that the PDF isn't fully exhaustive for notes on CPL jumps and variable horsepower calibrations, but gives you a general idea of your engine's capability. Please contact us with any questions you have on this.

Q: Other companies claim they can give me more HP than you say is available for my engine. Why?

A: As you may note from the FAQ above, not all engines produce as much HP as you may think. Not all N14s can give you 525hp. There are ways to modify your engine to perform a "cpl jump" and use a calibration from another CPL, but some engines are not easily modified. Sometimes is simply injector and a turbo, sometimes you need a different cam and heads which isn't really worth it. Giving you a 500hp calibration on an engine that is not designed for it can cause harm to your engine and/or drive-train. Plus, it is dishonest as you won't develop that much power anyway, and if you do, engine damage is likely.

Q: I see other companies that are significantly cheaper than you, why is that? 

A: The old saying: "You get what you pay for" is absolutely true. We do NOT use recycled chips, we do NOT repair on permanently damaged boards (as in rebuilding burnt circuits with jumper wires), we DO address not only the ECMs current issues when we rebuild it, but replace components on circuits we have deemed to be common to have issues, are due for an upgrade with modern components, and to fix any original design flaws we have discovered. We have custom built technician stations as well as test trucks (actual trucks that are in the yard for testing ECMs) to ensure reliability and that all ECM issues are thoroughly taken care of. All of this does cost a bit more, but you are purchasing a quality component, not just cheapest bidder work that repairs ECMs just enough to make them run. We also take the time and expense to powder coat our ECM cases. This provides excellent protection from the elements, and looks sharp! When you depend on your truck to make a living, going cheap on your ECM tends to bite you in the rear later.

Q: OK, you get what you pay for, why not get my ECM from Cummins? 

A: You do get what you pay for, and you can also get ripped off by paying too much. If Cummins were selling brand new ECMs, the price they command would actually be worth it. Sadly, Cummins has succumb to its stock holders into maximizing profit, which means taking more money from YOUR pocket. They do this in a couple ways:

  • Charge far more than they need to. Since they are Cummins, they can charge a lot more than needed, and people will pay it.
  • When you are broke down far from your home base and they have the ECM right there for you, you are in little position to do anything else, so they can charge what they want.
  • Cheap out on rebuilding the ECMs. They are sent to Mexico in bulk and fixed just enough to make them work. We get Cummins Recon ECMs in all the time as cores that are "rebuilt" by just mating two good running (used) boards, only replacing a couple chips, and otherwise skimping on the actual rebuilding process. 

As long as the ECM lasts past the year warranty, Cummins is more than happy to sell you another ECM in 18 months. We provide the best quality, but keep our prices as low as we can and still stay profitable. We are a family owned and operated company and we care about our customers, not pleasing stock holders.

Also, Cummins has discontinued supplying the Celect ECMs, so they are no longer an option.

Q: Are there ANY advantages to buying an ECM from Cummins?

A: Yes there are actually. They have a nation-wide dealer network. Any dealer will honor the 1 year warranty they provide on their ECMs. We do require ECMs that are suspect of failing under warranty be sent back to our facility for testing and repair as appropriate. This isn't much of an issue with us, as only about 2% of our ECMs come back needing warranty work, but it is there for you to decide if Cummins is worth all the extra $$$ for that benefit. Also consider that the diagnostics on your truck to ascertain if their recon HAD failed is charged to you at regular shop labor in most shops. We NEVER charge to test your ECM. 

Q: How fast can I get an ECM?

A: As soon as tomorrow! Unless you happen to be within driving distance of our shop where you can come by and purchase one that is. Barring unforseeable circumstances, 99% of orders placed by 2PM CST (regular business days) will ship out THAT DAY. We ship UPS, which offers up to overnight delivery to 99% of addresses within the contiguous lower 48 US States. Please contact us for a shipping quote, or check out our UPS Ground shipping maps on our Contact Us page.

Q: Do you have ECMs available? Are you actually in stock? 

A: We are always in stock for Remanufactured Celect and Celect Plus ECMs (we haven't turned anyone down yet!). Our stock of GRTO (good running take off) ECMs is "as we get them" and isn't as strong as we prefer, but we can only get GRTOs as they are available for us to purchase from our salvage suppliers.

Q: Do you accept Net 30, COD, Purchase Orders, or other lines of credit?

A: Generally no. We accept major credit cards (no AMEX, sorry. They just charge too much for processing), PayPal (which has their own financing if you need it), bank wire transfer, or cash deposit into our Wells Fargo account (can be done at any branch in the US). One of the ways we keep our prices low is by minimizing bad debt and the best way to do that is to avoid providing credit. 

Q: Is your free testing really free? What is the catch with that? How can you offer that for free?

A: Yes, our testing is truly free. We feel offering free testing is the best option for everybody. First, we will know if the ECM is truly your issue. Nothing is more frustrating than buying a part you don't need. Sending in your ECM for testing is the best way to know if it is truly needed or not. We also have your core up front, so no surprises on your core status.

Who benefits from free testing? Everybody!

  • You benefit because you know if a) The ECM is truly your problem, b) your core is inspected before purchase for acceptance, c) we can pull information from your core, if at all possible, so we can get your replacement calibrated just like your core, and d) you know if your truck may have damaged the ECM.
  • We benefit because a) we drastically reduce returns (which cost us money) by informing customers that their ECM isn't their problem at all, b) when possible, informing the customer of truck issues that damaged the ECM, which reduces warranty repairs and customer frustration, c) having the customer's core up front, which reduces a secondary transaction of core credits and extra paperwork. 

Really, everybody wins when you send in your ECM for our free testing service! We also HIGHLY recommend sending in your Celect or Celect Plus ECM for testing when you are having any issues related to the injectors prior to purchasing an ECM. The injectors and associated wiring are a common point of trouble that can damage ECMs. While your ECM may be damaged and in need of replacement, if you don't repair your injectors before installing your new ECM, you will just damage that one as well.

Q: How long does it take to have my ECM tested?
A: We can have your Celect, or Celect Plus, tested and be ready to ship back to you by the next business day. Many times the same day we received it!

Q: How can I trust your company? I have been scammed before or I am worried I will get scammed.

A: This is asked a lot, and it is the toughest question to answer. Truth is, we could tell you anything you want to hear. Even when we tell you about our quality and everything we do to our ECMs to ensure reliability and a strong part is based on trust. One way we can answer is we are accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and we proudly carry an A+ rating and ZERO complaints. If you are worried about providing your credit card over the phone, you should know that you have fraud protection with your card. If you ever feel you have been scammed, you can tell your bank and they will investigate on your behalf (and they are not kind to businesses). We are a Christian family owned and operated company, we started out out with our own owner/operator trucks that needed ECMs and we were not willing to pay Cummins' prices. We actually care about our customers, not just quick sales. We were in the same position you are now! We also accept returns* on our Reman Celect and Celect Plus ECMs, so if you feel you need to send the ECM back and get your money refunded, you have that option. *Details here

If you have any questions at all, please contact us and we will be more than happy to answer your questions!