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 Celect|Celect Plus Forms & Guides

 ECM Testing pdf

  • Use this to send in your ECM for testing if you are having issues. Address to ship to is on the pdf. If possible, please use your browser to fill in your info into the pdf before printing.

Celect|Celect Plus Fuel Solenoid Relay Mod

  • Guide to help you perform this modification.


  • Use to send in GRTO ECMs for purchase.
  • Contact us for form.


  • Used to send your ECM off for power changes or other ECM recalibration work ONLY.
  • Contact us for form.

 Info Required for Calibration pdf

  • Helps you gather the information we need to calibrate your Celect|Celect Plus ECM. We don't necessarily need this sent to us, but it is useful to do so if you believe your ECM may be unable to communicate with our computers.

 C Plug Testing

  • Use to help test C plug (aka actuator or injector harness) for common faults. Does NOT test all possible faults.

 Celect|Celect Plus Wire Function Identifier

  • Tells you what each wire does for all 3 plugs.

 How To Flash Codes

  • Just helps you flash codes out on the dash lights. Truck must have a diagnostic switch installed.

Celect/Celect Plus Wiring Diagrams

  1. Celect Page 1
  2. Celect Page 2
  3. Celect Plus Page 1
  4. Celect Plus Page 2

Other Forms you may need or find helpful

 Minnesota Sales Tax Exemption Form

  • For Minnesota sales ONLY. We need this if you are buying for resale or other sales tax exempt reasons.