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Remanufactured Cummins ECMs Celect & Celect Plus

Rebuilding Cummins Celect & Celect Plus ECMs since 2005!

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Cummins Celect, Celect Plus ECM Testing Info

Send us your Cummins Celect or Celect Plus ECM, and we will test it for free! 

  • ECM Testing Request Form Here
  • Results and ready to ship back by the next business day.
  • We DO NOT test any other types of ECMs, sorry. We are a very specialized company not a general electronics repair shop.
  • Circuit level diagnostics: We don't just hook up to the ECM with a laptop like a dealer, we open all Celect, Celect Plus ECMs that come in for testing for diagnostics down to the circuit where needed. We provide real answers, not just a communication report.
  • Custom built test benches AND test trucks are used to test your ECM. We will find the root of the issue.
  • We can handle issues that only occur at hot and/or cold temperatures. Just be sure to let us know if it is a temperature sensitive issue!
  • We do our best to identify truck caused damage whenever possible. Our experienced technicians are great at being able to identify the difference between component failure and damage from external sources (as in bad wiring). Your Celect ECM may have failed, but bad wiring may have taken it out. Know before you install a valuable REMAN if there are other truck repairs needed.
  • If possible, we pull your calibration information from your core for a replacement REMAN ECM, making sure you are calibrated correctly!