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Welcome to DSO Industrial , where you will find IN STOCK top-quality Cummins Celect and Celect Plus Remanufactured ECMs  at the best prices. Whether you need an ECM for a single truck, are looking to equip a fleet with Cummins ECMs,  or are a Cummins dealer/shop looking for a supplier, we offer the best quality and the most efficient service you can find.

Cummins Celect & Celect Plus ECMs are our specialty, and we've been at it since 2005.  We pride ourselves in our expertise of Celect|Celect Plus ECM testing and remanufacturing, and our ability to diagnose and replace your damaged ECM fast – in most cases the same day! Alternatively, you can order your REMAN ECM today for same day shipment
(on orders by 2pm, CST M-F)! Our REMAN ECMs come with a 1 year warranty, with additional warranty available, and our tech support is available 24 hours a day for emergencies.  When you send in for our free Celect and Celect Plus ECM testing service, we will diagnose the problem quickly and get you a replacement so you don’t waste valuable time. Testing isn't simple code reading, but circuit level diagnostics: we dig as deep as needed for proper testing and REAL answers.

Doing business with DSO Industrial means contracting professionals to test and replace your ECM. Each Cummins REMAN Celect and Celect Plus ECM is tested in a running truck before being sent to you, the gold standard of quality control. We stand behind our products 100% and are confident that they are working properly before they arrive at your door. From our many years of experience with N14, M11 and L10 truck engines' ECM systems, you can be sure our specialized service fits the bill every time. ECM models 3084473, 3090528, 3096662, 3408300, 3408303, 3618046 and 3619037 are our specialty.​ ​
When you need work on a Celect or Celect Plus ECM, DSO Industrial had the experience and technical expertise you require.


This is what we provide our customers. At DSO Industrial,
You will find the highest quality fully re-manufactured Cummins® Celect® and Celect Plus® ECMs available. Our Re-Manufactured ECMs are In-Stock, ready for shipping the SAME DAY in most cases. Whether you need a single ECMto get back on the road, or are looking for a quality aftermarket Cummins Celect and Celect Plus ECM supplier, contact us for the best value, service and quality you can find.

Cummins says your ECM is obsolete?

We are always IN STOCK!

What is the difference with DSO Industrial?
  • Our tech support is unmatched in the industry. You will get free, reliable advice. A tech even brings a cell phone home for emergency support 24 hours a day. 
  • Our expertise in the remanufacturing of ECM devices is unmatched in the industry. 
  • Every ECM we supply has been truck tested to be sure it is working at peak form.
  • Every ECM we supply is fully calibrated for the CPL, parameters and features of your Cummins Engine – and done for free. 
  • Our combination of price, quality and service cannot be beat.
  • We don’t need to send out for parts and wait for delivery. Our Celect & Celect Plus ECMs are in stock and ready for shipping. When ECM orders are placed before 2 PM CST M-F*, they are shipped the same day. Expect your ECM to be delivered as early as tomorrow.
  • We can help solve problems with Celect and Celect Plus trouble codes that are not ECM-related as well.
  • Our REMAN Celect and Celect Plus ECMs are backed by a 1-year unlimited mileage warranty, and an extended warranty is available to give you a total of 2 years of coverage*!!

Do you actually need an ECM? In many cases, we will find that our customers actually need truck or wiring repair, and not an ECM. In this case, we can recommend another solution. Our family-owned business is focused on our customers’ long-term needs, not quick sales. We know that trust is mutual and we hope to build relationships with clients that last for years to come.
To find out more about the DSO Industrial difference, see our FAQ page.
Don’t gamble with your ECM equipment! Choose DSO Industrial for the best in diagnostic products & service, and rebuilt Cummins Celect, Celect Plus ECMs. 

We are a family owned, A+ BBB Accredited Company, and we care about our customers.

*Of course there are some details, and lawyers make us add stuff. Call or visit our Company Policies page
Cummins, Celect, Celect Plus are registered trademarks of Cummins, INC.

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When you work with DSO Industrial, LLC you are accessing technicians that have specialized in the rebuilding of Cummins Celect and Celect Plus ECMs since 2005. We don't some days work on cars, other days on pickups. We don't even work on other truck ECMs. We specialize in servicing your L10, M11 or N14 Cummins ECM. This gives us the day to day experience and expertise with the Celect and Celect Plus Platform that you NEED to get back to work as quickly as possible. We are proud to be A+ BBB Accredited, PayPal Verified, and securely process your transaction using​​

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Simply send us your Cummins Celect or Celect Plus ECM, and we test it for Free! Since we are a full service shop, we don't simply check for communication. Our technicians will fully analyze the exact condition of your ECM, and know what specifically is wrong, if anything.Click for more information and to get started.​
Need a shipping label? We understand that if you don't normally ship packages, it can be difficult or more expensive than necessary. Contact us and we can send you a UPS shipping label, or even arrange to have UPS come and pickup the package! Standard shipping rates apply.
DSO Industrial, LLC BBB Business Review
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