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Cummins ECMs

Remanufactured Cummins Celect, Celect Plus and ISX ECMs

We are the Cummins ECM Experts!

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DSO Industrial | Cummins ECM

Trouble reaching us? Our phone company is having issues. If you are having issues reaching us at our regular office line, please call the after hours phone @ (320)-221-2288. Please leave a message if no response, as many of our primary lines are affected.

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Remanufactured ISX ECMs

-$1275 With Rebuildable Exchange

  • Currently rebuilding PN 3684275, which cover CPLs: 927 / 1434 / 1437 / 2732 / 2733 / 2734 / 2919 / 2965 / 3229 / 3320 / 3458 / 3459 / 3745 / 3746 / 3747 / 3748 / 3749 / 3750 / 3751 / 3752 / 3774 / 3775 / 3776
  • $400 core deposit required. Refunded once we receive a rebuildable core.
  • Stock not guaranteed while we build up our inventory, but ECMs are currently available.
  • ISX ECMs carry a 6 month warranty. Click for details.
  • Programming is free. Since there are many settings and variables on modern trucks, we are only calibrating your HP and torque to your CPL at this time (features and parameters must be programmed at a local shop) unless you send in your ECM for our free testing service, where we can then pull a template off of your ECM for full programming! Alternatively, you can provide us with a full printout of your Features and Parameters for full calibration.
  • All ECMs are tested on a live, running truck AND custom built technician stations to ensure proper functioning before shipment. DOA from us is almost non existent.
  • Fully re-manufactured right in our Westcliffe, CO facility to the highest standards in the industry! Don't settle for a cut rate product or out-sourced cheapest bidder work. We provide the best!
  • NO RETURNS on ISX components or ECMs.